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Values, Visions and Voice made Visual

Aug 28, 2013

values made visual

This summer I have treated myself to an online coaching course for visionary entrepeneurs. It is a very good programme, providing tons of inspiration, information and knowledge,
- I enjoy it very much.

The course is for people with strong personal passions and visions in their fields. Many of the participants seem to be some kind of coaches with great intensions of helping others and make them be happy and successful in their lives and businesses.

I was therefore astonished and very sorry after listening to Module 4 of the programme, where the importance of MY business and MY vision, and the services I love to provide to others, was reduced to simple products that according to the curriculum should be purchased at the absolute lowest price possible. Preferably provided by overseas designers from areas with weaker economies and lower cost levels, or from competition based providers where the contributing designers do not get anything for their time spent on a piece if it does not win the competition.

A slightly nightmare-ish experience for me as a serious visionary graphic designer that build my own business on this: I give wings to my clients visions and values by finding and giving them an accordingly strong and unique VISUAL VOICE. 

I don’t just DO a piece, – a logo or a web-banner, for my customers and leave them with it. I provide long term service and follow-up to take care of their strategic branding and make sure their visual voice – in print, in presentations and of course on the internet, echoes the voice of their vision and values, which I have spent much time and effort to understand, – with great empathy and pride. I find myself saying WE on my clients behalf all the time, because I feel as I am on their team. This is why I call myself a Virtual Graphic InHouse Designer, I am part of my clients projects, even if we are not in the same house (or even in the same country)

This, I will go on to belive, – is work of great lasting value for my clients and should be rewarded and paid accordingly.

To turn the case: What if I set up an educational online program for visionary graphic design entrepreneurs and put into the curriculum that COACHING is not important for the growth and the development of the participants’ businesses, but should be purchased overseas at the cheapest level possible? Not only would I be speaking against my own experience and true knowledge (I have spent MUCH on coaching so far!), but I would also be acting without respect for my fellow professionals in the coaching-business,

and hardly saving anyones businesses, – not to mention the planet…


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